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Mongolian coats - Exotic Gift Ideas

When you travel, sometimes it is expected of you to bring gifts and exotic stuff from the far side of the world. Depending on the culture that may be true or not, but buying nice gifts for your loved ones and the people you care about is a nice gesture.

Now, you better be ready to pack your suitcase and have some space, because Mongolian fur coats actually take a lot of space. One exotic gift idea is Mongolian fur coats. They are warm and very chic. It has been only a few years since Mongolian fur has been becoming popular throughout the world.

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If you are actually an avid traveller, you can actually pick up Mongolian cashmere for very cheap prices straight from the source in Mongolia. However, that is only if you are passing by and actually visiting for tourism purposes.

There are many tours and trips you can take with local agencies, so besides just buying a winter coat from there, you can pick up a lot of exotic souvenirs for very cheap prices.

Animal products are very cheap in Mongolia, so besides just cashmere and fur, perhaps buying a leather wallet, something to put on your wall or small gifts related to that could be an interesting gift idea.


You have to know who you are buying the gift for and what the purpose is. Depending on who you buy it for, it will vary. Think about what kind of personality they have, and what kind of things they like. The more you can custom tailor and personalize your gift for whoever you are buying it for, the more special the gift will be.


Mongolia is one of those countries that is pretty much unknown. All you hear are legends and some documentary pieces showing the nomadic lifestyle of certain nomads who live in Mongolia, but there is so much more.

There is a rich culture, history, and did you know the language is actually separate, different from Chinese and Russian. The roots are completely different and stand on its own, even though there are only about 5 million Mongolian speakers, it is a language that sounds like a mix of a lot of things around the world.


Gifts don't necessarily have to be expensive, as long as they are thoughtful and mean something, it can go a long way. You can make a photo collage of cool experiences and events during your travels, or small things that are only exclusive to Mongolia can be something.

If Mongolian fur coats are too big and bulky, perhaps a scarf, gloves, or other interesting gifts that won't fill up your suitcase too much.

So you just have to stay creative and come up with ideas that are fresh. Instead of being boxed into one way of thinking, allow yourself to open up and have different ideas for what you want to make of it.

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